How Do You Use a Silent Auction Bidding Form?


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A silent auction bidding form is used to bid on items at an auction that does not have an auctioneer coordinating the bidding. Silent auctions are popular fund raising events for charity and nonprofit organizations.

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A silent auction bidding form should include the name of the item up for auction, together with a short description and the item’s market value. The form also includes a minimum bid and the increments by which the minimum bid may be increased during the course of the auction. The original minimum bid is set at a percentage of the fair market value, usually around 20 percent. The bidding form must also have a space for the bidder’s name and the amount they are bidding.

Before the auction starts, the available items for bidding are laid out on tables, together with the silent auction bidding forms, so that bidders can decide which items they are interested in. The bidding forms can be taped down on the table near each available item for use by bidders.

Some silent auctions use forms that are designed with a theme consistent with whatever the event may be. It is also best to use a clear, crisp type style on the bidding forms, with large letters for those potential bidders who have poor eyesight.

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