How Do You Use a Shade to Direct Light Away From Your Cubicle?


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An easy and affordable way to direct light away from a cubicle is to install a device called the CubeShield. The CubeShield is made of a flexible material that attaches to the walls of a cubicle using velcro. It can then be positioned to most efficiently block unwanted lighting in an individual area.

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While open office plans consisting of many cubicles in a single room are often believed to encourage collaboration and communication between employees, having a way to customize and enhance personal space, even slightly, can increase both workplace satisfaction and overall productivity. Directing light away from a cubicle can make the space seem more like a private office, which can consequently improve office morale.

Using a device like the CubeShield allows for easily customizing one's work space, while also maintaining the open office plan which allows employees to interact with each other when necessary. Using a CubeShield to increase the level of privacy in an open office environment can also help to reduce employee stress levels and the number of distractions employees face on a regular basis, which are two of the most cited complaints against office cubicles.

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