How Do You Use Schneider Trucking Online Tracking?

To use Schneider Trucking's online tracking and shipping tool, the customer needs to request access and then conduct a specific search query to locate her order among all active shipments. The tool allows its customers to view the progress of any active shipment according to a wide range of criteria.

The first step to using the Schneider Trucking online tool is to create an account via the access request form. This form requires you to provide personal information along with information about your business, such as its name, physical address and the business email address. You also need to specify your user type by choosing from a drop-down menu of available types, including standard customer, service provider or vendor supplier to Schneider customer. This user type determines the access level you have to the ordering and inventory aspects of the tool, though all account types are able to track orders.

Once you create and verify your account, you are able to search through active shipments by entering in a tracking number or details about the shipment such as its departure location or destination. Results include an estimation of the time at which the delivery should reach its destination and periodic updates as it reaches various checkpoints in the shipment process.