How Do You Use a Sample HIPAA Authorization Form?


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Use a sample HIPAA authorization form to gain an understanding of what the form is used for and how to complete it, notes RocketLawyer. Control the medical history information that is available to a doctor by filling out a HIPAA authorization form. Doctors use a HIPAA form to access a patient's medical history.

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Individuals who wish to create a create a personalized authorization use a sample form, as provided by RocketLawyer. The sample functions as a template, and anyone who needs to approve the transfer or release of medical records modifies the form to specify what information to share. Patients state the names of previous and current doctors, then list which records are to be released, such as mental health records, communicable conditions and treatment records. The form documents the purpose and validity of a records request, and includes a permissible time frame. A patient acknowledges an understanding of the terms of disclosure, including the right to revoke permission at any time, by signing and dating the form.

A HIPAA authorization form permits doctors to release confidential patient information, so patients who move, change doctors or see a specialist need to complete the form to assure proper treatment, according to RocketLawyer. Doctors often base their treatment recommendations on a patient's specific history, so they need access to records that can only legally be released with the use of a HIPAA form.

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