How Do You Use a Sample Employee Action Plan?


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Business owners use a sample employee action plan to create a custom set of guidelines that cover the methods for which an employee may improve the quality of his work. The employer should modify the sections and terms of the plan to match the activities of the company, often by making multiple custom documents for each department.

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The employee action plan, also known as a performance improvement plan, is a type of company policy document that both outlines the process for reviewing the work of an employee who does not meet company standards as well as the specific methods for making those improvements. As such, a business owner or manager typically begins with a sample employee action plan and modifies the standards to match those of the company. As many companies features multiple departments that deal with different procedures and responsibilities, it is often helpful to have a version of the document that specifically speaks to the needs of that department.

For example, the sales department would cover areas such as weekly and monthly sales quotas and the process for client presentations, whereas the marketing department would outline the details for campaign management and other specific tasks. The manager also needs to include a section in the document to track the specific aspects of the job that fail to meet standards, so that he may review them with the employee. It also must contain an area for the manager and employee to work together to list actionable tasks to help the employee improve.

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