How Do You Use a Sample Bill of Sale Template?


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Use a sample bill of sale template to obtain the basic structure for the document from which you must customize to include the specific details of the sale, including the parties involved, the property in question and the cost of the item. You must also ensure that it complies with any state regulations.

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A bill of sale is a legal document that serves as both a record of a transaction between parties and proof of each party's consent to the terms of the transaction. Many templates include placeholder text for important information which you need to remove in order to customize the document to match the exact details of your sale. Begin by entering the date on which the sale takes place along with the names of the party selling the item and the party receiving the item.

Follow this with a description of the item in question, using as much detail as possible to make it clear for anyone reading the document to understand what the item is. If there is a serial number, or a vehicle identification number in the case of a vehicle, include it as well.

Make sure that the document clearly states the price of the item or the equivalent goods or services acting as payment. Check state laws for any additional requirements, such as the odometer readout for vehicle sales in certain states or the need for a notarization.

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