How Do You Use a Property Inspection Template?


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A real estate agent or prospective home buyer can use a property inspection template as a checklist when inspecting the condition of home's structural, mechanical and electrical components or features, as noted by American Home Inspector Directory. An inspection checklist is most commonly used for an initial walk-through of a home or property that is for sale. Some items listed on an inspection template checklist include the different parts of a home's exterior and interior, such as the roof, windows, chimney, gutters, cladding type, basement, attic, floors, walls, electrical/plumbing components and heating and cooling systems.

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A home inspection template checklist can also have a section for making notes for any repairs or defects noticed in a particular area on a walk-through. When inspecting a home, some problems to check for are foundation cracks, floors that slope, damaged kitchen or bathroom fixtures, chimney deterioration, warped shingles and mildew or damp areas in a basement, notes American Home Inspector Directory.

Printable home inspection templates are available at the American Home Inspector Directory, Vertex42 and ALTASUP websites. These sites also provide extensive information and resources on home inspections. For example, Vertex42 has a link to a Zillow article about the essential home features to inspect for potential problems.

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