How Do You Use Pre-Printed Grocery Lists?


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Use pre-printed grocery lists by marking off the sections on the sheet that correspond to the items you need to purchase, such as by marking a check box next to the item or circling its name. Some lists also include sections to write in additional products or multiple sections to cover different areas of the store.

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The basic concept behind a pre-printed grocery list is to remove the need to think of the exact items you need to buy at the store by including many of the most common items on the list at the beginning. With these lists, you can review the contents to identify the foods or other goods you need and make a note to designate them for purchase. Many lists feature boxes or similar markings next to the names of each list so that you can denote which items to purchase, though it is also possible to mark the items in a different manner, such as underlining them, and use the check boxes while you're at the store.

In some cases, the lists feature several pages that focus on food categories in more detail, such as a page for vegetarians or a list for parents of young children. As many lists include generic names for products, it may be necessary to add in specific brands in some cases. Certain lists also include blank sections for you to build your own detailed list, offering only a structure for the trip.

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