How Do You Use Partition Panels to Create a Private Office Space?


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To use partitions to create a private office space, set up two panels side by side, and grab the metal connector plates that secure to the top and bottom of the panels. Secure the connectors with the panels at a 90-degree angle for a corner divider. Create a T-shaped divider by attaching another panel to the first two using a T-connector. Secure a fourth panel to make a cross-shaped divider and a flat bar cross connector.

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How Do You Use Partition Panels to Create a Private Office Space?
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Use any combination of these shapes to create a private office space. Create a square by placing a right-angle section with the shorter part of a T-section to leave an entrance. Choose panel shapes that best utilize your space and give enough room to comfortably arrange a desk, chairs and any needed cabinetry.

Immobilize the panels by screwing them into the wall or the floor of the office space. Pre-made panels typically have a plate that anchors the screw. If the partitions are hand made, consider using the weight of the structure to secure it in place, or use plywood to secure the wood frame to the wall or floor.

Some other partitions to consider include bookcases, tall file cabinets or screens. Use a large picture frame and add fabric or a screen to the center as a divider. In a creative office, consider hanging decorative curtains to create individual quarters.

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