How Do You Use an Online Calculator to Estimate Your Take Home Pay After Taxes?

Using an online calculate to estimate post-tax pay usually involves filling in information about one's gross pay, pay frequency, allowances, tax status, state and local details and any deductions the person has, suggests It's helpful to have a recent pay stub available to obtain information about pay, taxes and deductions, suggests U.S. Trust.

The format of and locations for input fields for online pay calculators can vary, but the following steps usually apply to using the calculator.

  1. Fill in details about pay
  2. Some fields commonly required are those for the pay date, pay period (such as weekly, biweekly or monthly), type of pay (such as hourly or salary), gross pay for the period, gross year-to-date pay and hours worked. These items can often be found on a pay stub.

  3. Fill in tax information
  4. The online calculator may request details such as the federal filing status (such as single or married), the number of federal allowances and any exemptions claimed. Although users could check their tax documents, they can sometimes find these details on their pay stubs, suggests U.S. Trust.

  5. Fill in state and local tax details
  6. This information may include the state's income tax rate, which may be generated automatically on the form, or any additional withholding the individual has.

  7. Enter data about additional deductions
  8. This can include deductions for health insurance, nonprofit organization donations and other volunteer deductions.

  9. Submit the form
  10. Click the form's button for calculating pay to see the results.