What Do We Use Oil For?


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Oil has many industrial and household uses. Crude oil, a non-renewable fossil fuel, is refined into gasoline and diesel fuels that power automobiles and other engines. Oil is also used to lubricate moving metal parts in order to reduce friction and heat. Kerosene and propane are by-products of oil refinement and are commonly used for home heating and cooking.

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What Do We Use Oil For?
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Aside from the infinite uses of gasoline, oil also powers electricity. At power plants, there are several methods that can be used to generate electricity from oil. Jet fuels are also derived from oil during the refining process.

Oil can be derived from plants, such as corn, sunflowers and olives, to make household cooking oils. Cosmetic companies use plant oils as a product base that adheres to the skin more efficiently than a water base. Mineral oil, a liquid derivative of petroleum, has a wealth of uses in the pharmaceutical industry and is used as an emollient in lotions, creams, ointments and other medications.

Essential oils, such as lemon and orange oils, are used in popular household cleaners to condition furniture. Other uses for essential oils include holistic and aromatherapy treatments. Exotic oils, like Moroccan Argan oil, is used to moisturize hair and dry skin.

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