How Do You Use the Miracle Salad Time Sheet Calculator?

Users of Miracle Salad's time sheet calculator use the online tool to record and calculate the number of hours worked by entering pertinent information into the provided blanks. The tool then translates the list of time spans into the number of hours worked.

This time sheet calculator is set up to allow the user to calculate hours worked for up to 14 days. After entering one day's worth of hours, including breaks, one can click the Move to Sum button, which transfers the information to a column on the right. This column allows the user to calculate total hours worked across different days.

Users can use either a colon or a period to separate the hour and minute portions of a time entry. If neither delimiter is used, then the calculator automatically converts the entry and treats the last two digits as minutes. For example, 715 is converted to 7:15. When entering large spans of time, Miracle Salad recommends using military time, e.g. 7:15 for 7:15 a.m. and 16:30 for 4:30 p.m.

One can also set the tool to round time to the nearest minute mark when totalling.

The time sheet calculator is available through the Miracle Salad website, on and on