How Do You Use a Medical Superbill Template?


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To use a medical superbill template, figure out which is the correct computer program for the file type, and save the template in the proper location. Start a new file in that program, and select the template from the list of options in order to use it as a form.

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Medical superbill templates are available online and come in one of several file formats. Microsoft Word files typically have ".doc" or ".docx" as a file extension. Microsoft Excel files are often ".xls" or ".xlsx" extensions. Files that are compatible with Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Reader are in PDF format.

As of 2015, it is generally possible to open, fill in and print PDF documents using Acrobat Reader, but it is typically not possible to save the filled-in form to the hard drive for later use. Acrobat, the full version of this program, allows users to save data. Since the Adobe and Microsoft full-service applications are all proprietary, choose a template that works with the program to which you have access.

Once you have downloaded the template to your computer, double-click the template's icon to open it. Click the File button, and select Save As. Choose Template from the list of options, and input a recognizable name for the file. Allow the program to choose the save location so that it saves this template with any others it uses. This makes the file into a reusable form.

To use the form, open the associated program, and click File. Select New, and scroll through the options until you find the template's name. Click on that name, and the program pulls up a new, fillable form that looks just like the template. Input the patient data, and save the new file.

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