How Do You Use the Medi-Cal Provider Directory?


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Use the online Medi-Cal provider directory to locate a doctor, hospital, medical clinic or dentist in the Medi-Cal Managed Care program, according to the California Department of Health Care Services. The provider directory takes you through a step-by-step process to find the services you need.

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Click the radio button labeled Medi-Cal Managed Care on the directory's Web page. Then, the second step appears with two choices. One selection allows you to input the National Provider ID of the entity, while the other option has you search using other criteria. If you select the National Provide ID radio button, a blank appears for up to 10 digits. Then, click the blue Search button. If you decide to search for other criteria, a third choice appears as a drop-down menu.

This drop-down menu has five options for your search, notes the directory's search page. Select from a doctor, hospital, medical clinic, dentist or dental clinic. Then, two more areas of search criteria appear. The fourth data set includes blanks to find providers with a street address, a ZIP code or an entire county. A drop-down menu gives you choices of 5, 10, 15, 25 or 50 miles for a radius on the street and ZIP code search.

The fifth area gives you four optional criteria. Pick one of five provider specialties based on the radio buttons. Select the provider's gender, preferred language and last name in this section. Once you complete as much information as possible, click the Search button.

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