How Do You Use the Mastercard Website to Add Money to a Gift Card?


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The only two ways to reload a MasterCard Prepaid Gift Card are to set up direct deposit from a pay check or by adding funds at a participating retail location, as of 2015. Many cards must be registered with MasterCard prior to use and reloading funds, explains MasterCard.

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MasterCard recommends setting up direct deposit as the fastest and most efficient way to reload a Prepaid Gift Card. Customers must take their card's direct deposit information to their employer in order to set up direct deposit, but direct deposit information varies between cards. The direct deposit information is found on the card's packaging or by contacting the card issuer, states MasterCard.

Gift cards are also reloaded at participating retailers through the MasterCard rePower system. Some retailers allow the card-swipe method in which the cashier swipes the card in order to transfer funds. Other retailers sell reload packs, such as the Green Dot MoneyPak or the Vanilla Reload Pack. With reload packs, the customer reloads funds by entering a code on the company's website or by phone, according to MasterCard.

Many MasterCard gift cards require registration before use, and specific instructions appear on either the card's packaging or the receipt. Cards purchased at retail locations are often automatically registered upon purchase, while cards from an Internet or telephone purchase often require registration, explains MasterCard.

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