How Do You Use a Letter Sorter?

How Do You Use a Letter Sorter?

A letter sorter is used to help organize mail into different categories to take action on at a later point, according to Sorters can be organized by type of action or by the mail for each person in the home.

Mail sorters are usually placed near the front door and serve as one of the first stopping points when coming into the home. These sorters can be almost any kind of shape, size or design, although a simple slotted wood shelf or fabric or plastic pocket holder appears to be the most common, notes Using the sorter is a straightforward, daily process, as outlined in the steps below.

  1. Set up the system
  2. Label each of the slots on the sorter by the desired category. One popular choice is a set of three slots including, "To Pay", "To Review" and "To File," according to

  3. Sort the mail
  4. Bring in the mail daily and review it by the sorter. Place bills into the To Pay slot. Put important documents and coupons into the To File slot. Place letters that require some further action, such as opening or signing before returning, into the To Review slot.

  5. Set a time to sort again
  6. Set a specific time each day or week to go back and finish sorting the mail. Pay bills and throw out or file the bill stubs. Take items that need filing and place them in a long-term filing system in the home office. Review the remaining documents and finish working on them.