How Do You Use a Label Maker?


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Different types of label makers have different instructions on how to use them, and one example is the Brother Label Printer, which is used by plugging it into a computer, installing the software and loading the machine with a roll of label paper. Labels are made with the provided software.

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Label printers from the Brother brand come with software that guides users through the installation process. Begin by inserting the provided installation CD into a computer or laptop, and follow the provided directions. One of the instructions tells the user to plug the machine into a computer. This is done by utilizing the USB power cord that came with the product. After it is plugged in, turn it on, and continue to follow the instructions.

The next step is installing the label tape which is done by lifting the lid of the machine and dropping the role into the space. Guide marks are provided on the roll and in the machine to ensure proper placement. Close the lid after installing the roll. Now, use the label creation software to start making labels. The label making software features various fonts, frames, sizes and effects for unique labels. Users can also copy and insert information from other computer documents into the label software.

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