How Do You Use Kitco to Find Gold Spot Rates?


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Use Kitco.com to find gold spot rates by visiting the Charts & Data page and selecting either the Live Gold or Interactive Live Gold charts. Each page displays the current prices per ounce of gold, along with trailing prices for the last 24 hours and tools for viewing historical pricing data, as of 2015.

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The Interactive Live Gold chart allows you to hover over any point in the line graph to view the exact price at that time over the last 24 hours. If you click on any point on the chart, the current gold price disappears and the net change for the previous day replaces it. The chart automatically updates over time to include new prices and reflect market changes.

The Live Gold Chart on Kitco.com contains charts for the aggregate gold spot rates for the last 24 hours with links to view prices for individual markets such as in London, England or Hong Kong; this section includes a chart for the current gold spot prices in New York City.

Clicking on any of the market names in the aggregate chart opens a live chart for that specific market. These charts include the price in U.S. dollars on the Y-axis and the time of day on the X-axis, with the date from the previous two days overlayed on the current price. Beneath the charts is a tool to view prices from a specific date with static multi-year price charts.

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