How Do You Use Kijiji in Quebec or Montreal?


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To use Kijiji in Quebec or Montreal, choose Quebec from the list of provinces on the main website. After choosing the province, choose Greater Montreal and then City of Montreal from the city list for Montreal; choose Quebec City for Quebec, which does not require a third choice.

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Kijiji is an online classifieds site owned by eBay. It operates in Canada, Italy, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Kijiji's functionality is available in the United States, but is branded there as eBay Classifieds. Kijiji is the most popular classifieds site in Canada, but is less popular in the United States than its competitor Craigslist. The Canadian site is available in both English and French.

The default language for Kijiji in Quebec and Montreal is French, but can be changed to English by clicking the English link in the top right corner of the page. Montreal and Quebec are the two original launch locations of Kijiji, with expansion to the rest of Canada following less than a year later. Montreal is the second-largest market on Kijiji as of 2015; only Toronto is a more active Kijiji market.

After Toronto and Montreal, the largest cities on Kijiji are Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa. Kijiji estimates that 40 percent of Canadians use Kijiji at least once per month, with 79 million total visits and 11 million unique visitors.

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