How Do You Use a Jostens Ring Promo Code?


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To use a Jostens promotion code, enter the code into the Redemption Codes & Special Offers text box on the Shopping Cart page, and then apply it to the order using the Apply button. Shoppers can use multiple codes for each purchase, with each code entered and applied separately.

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You can apply a Jostens promo code after adding at least one item to the online cart. Prior to adding an item, the shopping cart page displays a message indicating that there are no items in the cart and provides no option to apply promotion or redemption codes or any other payment options. You cannot preemptively apply promo codes to a user account; you can only use them during the checkout process.

If a promotion code is invalid, the website displays an error message that reads: "We did not find [the invalid code]. Please check for typos." An attempt to enter multiple valid codes at once results in the same error message. You must enter and apply each code separately. If the promotion code is valid but does not apply to any item in the cart, the site displays a different warning message that provides information on why the code did not work.

Once you've entered and applied the promo code, the adjusted total displays on the order page. The checkout process then proceeds to the billing and shipping information page.

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