How Do You Use IRS Form 2848?


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Use Internal Revenue Service Form 2848 to authorize someone to represent you before the IRS, according to the IRS. You must select someone who is eligible to practice before the agency. When you authorize a representative, you are allowing the person to obtain and review your confidential tax information. You can authorize a student working in a qualified Student Tax Clinic Program or Low Income Taxpayer Clinic to represent you under a special appearance authorization from the Taxpayer Advocate Service.

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As of 2015, Form 2848 is entitled Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative, notes the IRS. The second part of the form, Declaration of Representative, itemizes the eligible designations. The power of attorney authorizes the listed representative or representatives to perform acts such as signing consents, agreements, waivers or other documents on your behalf for matters the power of attorney describes. When you authorize an individual to represent you, the authorization does not eliminate your tax obligations.

When you use Form 2848, you are not authorizing the representative to negotiate, endorse or accept payment into the representative's account any check that the government issues related to a federal tax liability, explains the IRS. Your authorization does not give the representative the power to sign certain returns, add or substitute another representative, or request that a third party receive your tax return information or copies of your tax returns. Once you complete the form, you fax or mail it to the IRS address that corresponds to where you live.

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