How Do You Use a Fundraising Plan Template?


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Use a fundraising plan template as a guide to making your own plan by reviewing its contents to understand the formatting and key components and then recreating it in a separate document with details about your event. It is also possible to modify the template itself into your final fundraising plan, though it may help to keep a backup copy of the original as a reference.

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A fundraising plan template often includes all the necessary sections and components to organize a fundraiser through the use of a fictional organization, goals and events rather than simply explaining what should appear in each section. In such cases, it is possible to modify the document to match the specifics of your event by removing the placeholder details and inserting your own. Before modifying the document, read through it completely to understand its structure and what information it contains, such as figures for startup costs, projections on the money the event may bring in, or a schedule of responsibilities.

Make sure you have a copy of the template to review during the process in case you delete a key component. It may be necessary to modify the overall structure of the document to match the needs of your event, which helps to keep the document relevant and avoid unnecessary information. Conduct a final review of the plan to make sure all the details match your event and that it covers the ideation, implementation and review steps of the fundraiser.

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