How Do You Use a Franklin Planner?


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Franklin planners offer users a variety of options to organize daily, weekly and monthly appointments, set and prioritize goals, track contacts and take notes on meetings or other events. It includes a system for managing actions and activities that includes special notations for tasks as well as a guide on how to utilize each section of the planner.

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The purpose of the Franklin is to enable users to bring order to their lives by collecting all important tasks and responsibilities in a single location, prioritizing them and tracking their progress over time. Most physical Franklin planners include a quick start guide that explains the different notation methods for each section, including the priority markers and the completion status symbols for the Daily Task List. It also offers suggestions on how to use each section, such as using the notes section to track changes on a project or the alphabetical section to write down the names, numbers and addresses of new contact.

Franklin planners place an emphasis on organizing tasks to set goals through tasks lists that allow users to freely write in all current and upcoming engagements or goals, rank them each day and transition them into an actionable list. It also allows the users to then set specific deadlines for the goals on the calendar pages, which can include outside engagements such as business meetings or personal appointments. The planners typically cover a full calendar year and require new inserts to cover additional lengths of time.

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