How Do You Use Free Fillable Forms From the IRS?


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Taxpayers use free fillable IRS forms by creating an account on the IRS Free File Fillable Forms site, choosing the correct 1040, and then completing the necessary forms, according to Free File Fillable Forms. Taxpayers type their information directly on the forms and file their completed returns electronically. The fillable forms option is available from January through October 15 for the 2014 tax year.

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Free fillable forms are useful for taxpayers who don't need to file written statements with their tax returns, the IRS explains. Users can write in information on the 1040 and other select forms, and they can include a wide selection of forms to their electronic returns. Available forms include Itemized Deductions, Profit or Loss from Business, Capital Gains and Losses, Earned Income Credit, Self-Employment Tax, Employee Business Expenses and Unreimbursed Employee Business Expenses. Rather than attaching W-2s, 1099-Rs and W-2Gs, taxpayers enter information from those documents onto the fillable tax forms.

Before starting a return, the taxpayer should have on hand information such as his federal withholding and prior year's adjusted gross income, according to Free File Fillable Forms. Alternatively, the taxpayer can request an personal identification number. The individual electronically signs and dates the form and submits payment, if necessary, by entering his checking account information when prompted. After completing the return, the taxpayer can print or e-file his documents.

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