How Do You Use Expedia Coupon Codes?

Use Expedia coupon codes to save money on select hotel and airfare packages by entering the code into the redemption area of the payment page on or the Expedia mobile app, as of 2015. Some coupons carry special limitations and restrictions regarding locations and duration or are only valid for use on the Expedia mobile app.

Expedia offers a coupon code system that allows you to claim special discounts and promotional rates when you book a flight and hotel accommodation through its site. The company posts many of these coupon codes under the Coupons page of the section on, as well as through some third-party deal and coupon aggregate sites. In some cases, the codes may also appear in emails, special advertisement pages on the site or as part of exclusive promotions on other locations. The Coupons page also includes a search tool that allows you to immediately begin looking for qualifying travel options.

Make sure you read the restrictions on the coupon to understand its expiration date and restrictions, such as blackout dates on travel or destinations that are not valid with the offer. Proceed to book your travel for the appropriate dates, and locate the section on the payments page asking for your preferred payment method. Click the link to access the option to apply a promotional code to the purchase, paste the code into the box, and click apply. When booking through the mobile app, follow the same process, and enter the code before completing the payment.