How Do You Use EPPICard to Receive Child Support Payments?


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Receive child support payments through an EPPICard by applying to the appropriate state department that handles the management of child support funds. As of April 2015, states that use the EPPICard system include Alabama, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey and New Mexico, in addition to Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

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The state department that is responsible for child support funds management, such as the Department of Children and Families, accepts payments directly from the payor or receives them from the payor's employer through wage garnishment. These payments are held by the state until they are distributed to the recipient based on the schedule set forth by the ruling court order. States distribute payments via check, direct deposit or electronic fund transfer to a debit card, such as the EPPICard.

Child support payment recipients can use the card at merchants, banks and automated teller machines to purchase goods, pay monthly bills and receive cash. When a payment recipient chooses to receive child support payments by way of the EPPICard, the state contacts the card issuer and requests that an account be established on behalf of the recipient, who receives the card after issuance. After receiving and activating the card, the payment recipient accesses the available funds in the same manner as a debit card associated with a bank account.

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