How Do You Use an Employee Scheduling Template?


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Use an employee scheduling template to create a custom document that includes the names and positions of your employees along with the times for the available shifts at the business. Many templates appear as spreadsheets, which allows you to create a uniform structure, easily modify the names and times of shifts and even calculate values.

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Begin by downloading the template to your computer and saving a new copy of the file, as this preserves the template for future use while allowing you to modify one for your current needs. Review the formatting to identify the section for employee names and add in additional rows to accommodate the total number of employees. Most spreadsheet programs allow you to copy the contents and formatting of cells, which ensures that the sheet has a uniform appearance. Locate the dates section of the template and make sure it covers the appropriate work period, such as a single week or a longer period.

Starting with the first employee on the list, locate the cell that intersects with the first date period and type in the hours she is working that day. Determine the formatting that best suits your needs, such as entering the start and stop times in a single cell, or making additional cells to track the times. Repeat the process for each employee, making sure to enter any additional details about shift position as necessary,

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