How Do You Use Employee Handbook Templates?


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Use an employee handbook template to determine the type of information necessary to create a comprehensive set of guidelines for your company by reading the sections and example rules as well as learning about different formatting options. Make a copy of the template, and replace the contents with the relevant information for your company using a word processing program.

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Employee handbooks contain all the rules and regulations for the employees of a company, superseding any other documentation or guidelines and acting as a quick reference resource. Templates typically include a sample copy of the rules of a fictitious company, rather than descriptions of what information should appear in each section. Begin by reading through the full template to understand its format and the areas upon which it touches, such as dress code, general conduct or specific practices for different roles. Make notes about the areas that match your company as well as those that are irrelevant.

Copy the text of the template into a new word processing document, and proceed to change the details of each section to match your needs. For example, change the name of the company in the template to your own along with inserting the appropriate job titles for specific sections. Delete any areas that do not match your company, such as procedures for specific technology that you don't use or shifts that your company doesn't have. Specify the appropriate people for employees to contact in relevant situations.

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