How Do You Use the Dymo LetraTag 2000?


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Use the DYMO LetraTAG 2000 by entering text with the alphanumeric key pad, then pressing the Print button. Power the device by inserting six size-AA batteries into the compartment.

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Once the batteries and cassette are installed, press the On/Off button, which is round with two circles. The screen displays up to 6 characters, a cursor and indicator arrows. A label maker functions much like a keyboard with Shift, Caps Lock, Number Lock and Delete buttons. The LetraTag also allows users to set style and font preferences. Additional options are accessed by pressing Shift and the corresponding letter button below the function on the keyboard. To change the font style, press Shift and then M.

DYMO's website provides troubleshooting suggestions and manuals in a variety of language for the LetraTAG 2000. Most issues are solved by checking the batteries, the print head and the cassette. DYMO devices only work with alkaline batteries. The company specifically recommends Duracell branded batteries. Low batteries can also present performance issues. The device may also malfunction if the cassette is not positioned correctly. The label cassette clicks when it is placed in the proper position. For poor print quality, clean the print head with the included brush or a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol or another soft solvent.

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