How Do You Use Donation Cans for Fundraising?

To use donation cans for fundraising, place them in high-traffic areas such as gas stations, doctor's offices, grocery stores, churches and convenience stores. Make sure they are located in a place where patrons frequently access money, such as the cash register. Provide a short but creative description of the cause being funded so patrons form a connection with the cause. Additionally, reserve booths at community events, and have a representative there with a donation can talking about the cause.

When creating the donation can, it is best to use a transparent material. People are more willing to donate if they see the cause is being funded. The can should also be accompanied by an eye-catching display. A QR code should be available on the display in case patrons want to donate but don't have access to cash.

Placing a donation can in a public place requires the permission of the business owner. This is best achieved through an in-person meeting with the owners or managers so they can learn first-hand about the cause being funded. Bring the can to the meeting to ensure it is placed immediately.

Collect donations on a weekly basis, always remembering to leave a few dollars in the can to inspire more patrons to donate. Track the amount of money raised at each location to form effective fundraising strategies for future campaigns.