How Do You Use a Credit Card to Wire Money?

use-credit-card-wire-money Credit: GotCredit/CC-BY 2.0

Websites such as Western Union and MoneyGram accept credit cards as a funding source for wire transfers submitted online and at authorized vendor locations. Compared to bank-funded transfers, credit card payments are usually processed instantly, allowing the recipient to access the funds as quickly as possible.

In general, electronic wire transfer services charge a fee, which may be calculated based on a percentage of the cash amount. PayPal is an easy option for sending money to family or friends and simply requires linking a credit card to the account. Wire transfer companies are usually a better option for individuals interested in additional services, such as bill pay. Western Union and MoneyGram both maintain accounts with many common payees, such as utility companies, car loan providers and debt collection companies, making it easy for individuals without bank accounts to wire bill payments.

Wire transfer companies also accommodate payments to government-sponsored entities, including child support authorities. For families with incarcerated relatives or friends, credit card funding provides an easily manageable option for adding funds to an inmate's commissary account. Reloadable prepaid cards can streamline the wire-transfer process for individuals who plan to send money to a specific recipient, such as a college student, on a regular basis.