How Do You Use Coupons to Get Free Groceries?

To achieve the goal of using coupons to get free groceries requires strict devotion to a shopping strategy that makes use of newspaper and online coupons. Collect as many coupons as possible, and use a no-clip method that preserves the entire newspaper circular, which saves time at the grocery store. Print online coupons that are going to be used for current shopping trips. Wait until the item reaches its lowest price before using the coupon. Shop special promotions.

Saving money with coupons requires locating coupons wherever they are offered, and signing up at several sites offering coupons. Find coupons in newspapers, magazines, on supermarket shelves, in store mailings and in junk mail inserts. Some manufacturers offer coupons on their website or place coupons on product packaging. To keep track of all the coupons, set up a filing system that separates coupons into different categories. For best results, file coupons as soon as possible, and remove coupons that are no longer valid.

Having a grocery store loyalty card is a good way to receive coupons on regularly purchased items. Stay up to date on special store promotions that offer opportunities for extra savings when a coupon is used. Some stores offer double coupons, or allow customers to use more than one coupon for the same item. It's important to pay attention to store policies regarding coupons and be aware of restrictions.