How Do You Use the My Compass Page to Check Your Georgia Benefits?

Use the My Compass page to check your Georgia benefits by logging in to your MyCompass account. It is possible to use the MyCompass account to check or renew your benefits, or report changes to your account, according to the Georgia Department of Human Services.

The Compass website has a variety of services available to Georgia residents. Those who are interested in applying for benefits can first check with the Compass website to determine which benefits, if any, they are qualified to receive. The benefits that residents can determine eligibility for include assistance for needy families, known as TANF, child care, PeachCare for kids, Medicaid and energy assistance, according to Other benefits include WIC, food assistance, child support, mental health and substance abuse services, and child support services. Additional benefits that residents can pre-qualify for include aging services, abuse services, housing assistance and community services block grant funds.

Once a resident submits an application for benefits online, he can check the status of his application using the Application Status Check option, notes Compass. As of 2015, the application status check option is available between the hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Residents can apply online for SNAP food stamp benefits, child and parent care services, PeachCare for kids or Medicaid. Residents who need help using the Compass website can find a list of partners who provide additional help or call the toll-free number indicated on the website.