How Do You Use a Communication Plan Template?


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Use a communication plan template to improve the flow and efficacy of correspondences within a team or organization by taking the structure and customizing it to reflect the nature of the project and its participants. This may include changing the names of departments and roles, outlining the contents of messages or adding additional features for company-specific protocols.

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A communication plan is a type of business document that outlines the process for employee interactions as they relate to a specific project or concept, with the express intent of improving both the delivery and reception of information. Communication plan templates often feature all of the formatting and structure of an actual plan, but use example or placeholder terms to allow the organization to modify it to its specific needs. Putting one of these plans into action begins by reading it through to understand how it attempts to improve the communication process and connecting these concepts to your current practices.

Proceed to change the document one section at a time, modifying the terms to match the roles and tools of your company so that you are able to implement the tactics of the document accordingly. It may be necessary to modify some processes, such as removing redundancies or changing the person who must replace certain documents. The plan should still retain the same communication concepts, highlighting the process for formatting messages, how to respond to emails and what to focus on in different scenarios.

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