How Do You Use a Commercial Loan Calculator?


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KJE Computer Solutions’ online commercial loan calculator requires users to input details such as loan amount, interest rates and amortization period in years to compute results. Bankrate.com’s more comprehensive business loan calculator asks users for information that includes loan repayment commencement dates and length of loan term in months or years to give the required output. In addition, the web-based number cruncher allows users to generate loan amortization tables and determine the impact of extra payments on their obligations.

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The Commercial Real Estate Finance Company of America offers a variety of commercial loan calculators on its website. These include a basic commercial loan payment calculator that can help users determine monthly payments and aggregate loan costs, and a commercial mortgage refinance calculator that borrowers can utilize when considering refinancing. Other useful number crunchers on the firm’s online portal include the debt service coverage calculator, or DSCR calculator, which can help business owners compute cash flow, and the interest-only payment calculator, which may be of use to business owners considering interest-only loans.

Truck Lenders USA offers a number cruncher at CommercialTruckFinanceCalculator.com that can be used to compute payments and other data relating to commercial loans for trucks, tractor trailers, flat bed trailers, dump trucks and similar vehicles. For enhanced clarity, the calculator plots results on a graph and, generates amortization tables by month or year.

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