How Do You Use a Car Insurance Calculator?


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To use a basic car insurance calculator, enter personal information, such as your age, ZIP code and gender, to get an estimate of how much you might pay for car insurance, explains DMV.org. More advanced calculators request information like the type of car, the number of drivers to insure and your accident history.

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How Do You Use a Car Insurance Calculator?
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Advanced car insurance calculators often also want to know the amount of risk with which you are comfortable and if you own your home, according to DMV.org. The calculators pull from data in your area to provide you with some idea of how much people in comparable situations pay. Calculators work quickly, and you don't need to enter overly personal data.

For a more accurate estimate, use an auto insurance company's online quote tool, explains DMV.org. This sort of tool considers your personal history to calculate a premium more reflective of what you might pay, and it may let you compare quotes from several providers at once. You must enter more information than a car insurance calculator requires. For example, online quotes commonly ask for mileage figures, the year, make and model of the vehicle, the name of the current insurance company, and the purpose of the car. Questions about education level and household size are also common, and the company asks for your Social Security and driver's license numbers so that it can get your driving records.

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