How Do You Use a Canadian Duty Calculator?


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To use a Canadian duty calculator, select the province or territory where you live from the drop-down menu, according to Canada Border Services Agency. On the next menu, choose the category of goods purchased, such as Apparel, Baby Items or Home Furnishings, then select the type of product within that category. Examples of products within Apparel are accessories, girl's clothing and shoes.

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Indicate the amount you paid for the item, including sales tax, in Canadian dollars, Canada Border Services Agency states. If you only know the amount in U.S. dollars, use a daily currency converter to make the conversion. Next, select where the product was made. Your two choices are North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, countries — Canada, the United States, Mexico — or Elsewhere. The duty calculator then indicates the estimated duty and taxes you owe.

Some Canadian duty calculators allow you to input the amount you spent in U.S. dollars, CrossBoarderShopping.ca shows. All duty calculators estimate how much shoppers are going to owe in taxes and duty charges when they bring goods from the United States into Canada.

Duty rates vary depending upon which trade agreement covers imported goods, explains Canada Border Services Agency. For instance, as of December 2015, no duty is owed on personal items made in NAFTA countries. This is also true if there no indication that a product was made anywhere besides one of those three nations.

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