How Do You Use a California Physician Directory?

How Do You Use a California Physician Directory?

Patients can use California physician directories by visiting their insurance provider's website, choosing their plan and searching by physician type or name, notes the Blue Shield of California website. Customers can verify the validity of a physician's license by visiting The Medical Board of California website, choosing a physician type and searching by name, license number or location.

Most insurance companies offer a list of California physicians that patients can use to search for an in-network provider, notes the Blue Shield of California customer website. To find a provider through Blue Shield of California:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Go to the Blue Shield of California website home page.

  3. Click "Find a Provider"
  4. Hover over the "Explore" tab along the top navigation bar and click on the "Find a Provider" link.

  5. Log in or select a plan
  6. Members can log in to view providers in their network, or they can click on the "Select a Plan" link to search without logging in.

  7. Choose a physician type
  8. Click on the desired physician type, such as doctors, dentists, pharmacies or vision care. Input additional requirements, such as specialty, language or gender.

  9. Input location
  10. Input the desired city and state or ZIP code and click "find now" to search for available providers.