How Do You Use a Business Fax Number Lookup?


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Use a business fax number lookup by entering the fax number with the area code in the search bar of a reverse lookup tool and clicking the Search icon. To find the fax number of a business, use search tools such as Google and Yahoo. However, fax number information is not available for all businesses.

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Reverse fax number lookup tools are available on 411.com, WhitePages.com and AnyWho.com, as of 2015. All three websites prompt to enter the fax number with area code, then provide the owner's name and address. Fax numbers can be found on the cover sheet of a fax or from caller ID.

To perform a reverse fax number lookup on 411.com, click Phone, enter the fax number, then click Search. The owner's name, address and a map of the number's location are displayed. The website also provides carrier information of the number.

To find information about a fax number on WhitePages.com, click Phone, enter the fax number and click the Search icon. WhitePages provides owner information on the next page. Detailed owner information is available for a fee.

AnyWho.com provides information about a fax number by clicking Reverse Phone on the home page, entering the fax number in the search bar, then clicking the Search icon. Available information is displayed on the next page. AnyWho partners with other services, such as Intelius, to provide detailed information about fax numbers.

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