How Do You Use Boric Acid for Eye Wash?

To use boric acid as an eyewash solution, pour the solution into an eye cup. Use the eye cup to pour the boric acid solution over the affected eye. Move the eye around to allow the solution to cover the entire eye.

  1. Gather all of your materials

    You need a bottle of boric acid solution, a sterile eye cup and a towel. It is also best to stand over a sink while using boric acid as an eye wash.

  2. Pour the boric acid into the eye cup

    Fill the sterile eye cup about halfway with the boric acid solution. Avoid touching the rim of the eye cup with your fingers.

  3. Apply the boric acid solution

    Bend your head forward, and bring the eye cup to the affected eye. Press the eye cup tightly onto your face, then tilt your head back and open your eye wide. Move the eyeball around to allow the boric acid to rinse the entire eyeball.

  4. Remove the eye cup

    Keeping the eye cup pressed to your eye, bend your head forward over the sink. Remove the eye cup from your eye and pour the contents into the sink. Allow any remaining solution to drip from your eyes into the sink. Repeat these steps for your other eye if necessary. Pat the area around your eye with a towel. Do not rub your eye after application.