How Do You Use Aynax Online Invoices?

How Do You Use Aynax Online Invoices?

Individuals must pay about $10 per month to access unlimited online invoices from Aynax, as of 2015. These customizable invoices are useful for companies in a wide variety of industries.

Individuals can sign up for Aynax trials, during which they can create any number of free invoices. Each Aynax invoice features a number of customizable aspects, such as language, date format, company logo and type of currency billed.

After the customization phase, individuals can print their invoices, convert them to PDF format or have them sent to their intended recipients. Aynax sends the invoice via email or the U.S. Postal Service. Finally, the Aynax interface allows users to record customer payments. In addition to furnishing invoices, Aynax helps users create professional-looking bids, estimates and quotes.

Aynax invoicing is user-friendly and flexible. When a customer opens an Aynax invoice, the invoice's originator is automatically notified. This feature aids transparency and openness between companies and customers.

Each Aynax user can create and save an unlimited amount of invoices and contacts. Aynax archives invoices in a searchable database Users can quickly see which invoices have balances due and all amounts paid to date. Aynax integrates online customer payments through credit cards and Paypal. Additionally, Aynax serves as a repository for customer information.