How Do You Use the Auto Accident Pain and Suffering Calculator?


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To use the comparison auto accident pain and suffering calculators at AllLaw.com, input the required information into the relevant fields and click Calculate. Each calculator relies on one of the two most common approaches that insurers utilize to quantify pain and suffering, per diem or multiplier, states AllLaw.com.

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Personal injury settlements cover both economic, or special, damages and non-economic, or general, damages explains AllLaw.com. Special damages, which are the easily computable losses arising from accidents or injuries, include property damage, medical bills and lost income. General damages relate to the physical discomfort and emotional distress that accompanies accidents and injuries.

Insurers rely on the multiplier and per diem methods to determine the value of general damages, notes AllLaw.com. For the multiplier method, aggregate the value of all special damages in a case and multiply the result with a figure between 1.5 and five. The value of the multiplier varies by case and depends on factors such as the nature of injuries, their impact on the daily life of the injured party and the likelihood of recovery.

The per diem approach, on the other hand, seeks to establish a daily dollar rate for pain and suffering, notes AllLaw.com. In cases that rely on this method, injured parties receive compensation based on the number of days they've suffered physical discomfort. However, the per diem method is unsuitable for long term and permanent injuries.

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