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Use of Austin Telco MemberConnect, the online banking program of the Austin Telco Federal Credit Union, requires the most current versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or Internet Explorer. Some of its online banking functions also require Adobe Acrobat Reader. New MemberConnect users log in with their credit union account number, enter the temporary access code they've been provided and, following the instructions that appear, establish their personal access codes and other security settings.

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Once MemberConnect set-up is complete, credit union members can use online banking for reviewing their bank statements, paying bills and receiving alerts regarding the status of their account. Online account statements are available online for up to 10 years. MemberConnect online banking enables the user to set up one-time or repeat payments, and to establish, change or delete the date of payment and the amount of payment as required. Setting up account alerts, once logged into online banking, involves clicking on alerts from the navigation menu and selecting from among a list of possible alerts. Balance, deposit, credit or debit card transactions, non-sufficient funds, and overdrafts are among the possible alerts.

Mobile banking is also available, allowing the account holder to make deposits and pay bills using their smartphone or tablet. The Austin Telco Federal Credit Union app is available for Android and iOS devices that have a rear facing camera, and it requires cellular data access and the ability to send and receive text messages.

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