How Do You Use ATT Uverse Coupon Codes?


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To use AT&T U-verse coupon codes to purchase On Demand movies, enter the coupon code into the AT&T U-verse account using channel 199 and choose a movie to rent, notes ATT.com. Coupon codes can be found on ATT.com and UVerse.com and by accessing channel 200 through the TV as of 2015.

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Follow the steps below to use AT&T U-verse coupon codes. A coupon code can only be used if it has been entered before renting a movie, notes ATT.com.

  1. Enter a coupon code
  2. Go to channel 199 using the TV remote. Choose Enter New Offers On Demand Coupon from the menu and press the OK button. Enter the coupon code, click on Continue and press the OK button.

  3. Rent a movie
  4. To rent a movie after entering the coupon code, choose Redeem Coupon from the confirmation screen. Choose the movie of interest and click on Rent For. Press the OK button to rent the movie. To rent a movie later on, press On Demand on the TV remote and choose U-verse Movies from the screen. Select the movie and click on Rent, then press the OK button.

Customers can view a list of coupon codes available in their account at any time by going to channel 199 and choosing View Saved Coupons as of 2015.

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