How Do You Use an ATM?

How Do You Use an ATM?

To use an ATM, insert the ATM card into the marked slot and then enter the card's PIN when prompted, opening a menu which can be navigated to withdraw funds, check balances and deposit funds. The process is designed to be very user-friendly, though many machines incorporate charges for banking.

Using an ATM is a simple process that minimal practice can prepare anyone for. Most transactions can be accomplished within a matter of minutes.

  1. Insert card
  2. First, insert the ATM card into the slot. This makes sure that the card is active and, once it is verified, either opens a menu asking for language selection or prompts the user to enter the PIN.

  3. Enter PIN
  4. A Personal Identification Number verifies that the user is the card's legal holder. This number allows users to access their accounts remotely through these machines without having to go to a branch and seek help. Enter the PIN, then press the Enter key.

  5. Withdraw or deposit
  6. Once the PIN has been entered, menus should open guiding the user through withdrawal or deposit. If deposit is selected, the machine will prompt the user to feed cash or checks into it. The user can also check an account balance by navigating these menus to the appropriate page.