How Do You Use an Approval Letter Template?

To use an approval letter template, clarify your consent directly in the opening of the letter, ensuring it is specific to the situation. Then provide additional instructions to the reader about the approval. End the letter with a friendly closing and appropriate information about what happens next.

In the letter's opening, clearly state what you are approving when customizing your template, such as whether you are approving a loan, a leave of absence or any other request.

In the body of the approval letter template, provide additional specific information. For a loan, include the interest rate and the repayment schedule. For a proposal, give details about implementation. For a workplace leave, supply the beginning and end dates, as well as instructions about how to cover work duties and projects.

End the approval letter on a friendly note, and modify the template to indicate what happens next. For a conference approval, instruct the attendee about supplying any summary information in a report or workshop. For a funding approval, tell the recipient how to submit bills and receipts to the accounting office. For a personal loan, provide contact information and instructions for the reader to set up a time to sign the papers.