What Does a Urologist Do?


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Urologists diagnose and treat disorders of the male and female urinary tracts and also treat conditions that arise in the adrenal glands. A urologist is a specialist in the medical field who sees patients who have conditions such as a urinary tract infection, incontinence, kidney stones or an enlarged prostate. In addition, patients experiencing problems with infertility or sex drive are often seen by a trained urologist.

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Many urologists are experienced in treating cancers that occur in the prostate, kidneys and other areas of the urinary tract. In these cases, a urologist makes a diagnosis and may also perform surgery as part of the treatment. Pediatric urologists focus their attention mainly on children with urinary tract problems. For instance, a child who continually wets the bed is taken to a pediatric urologist, who diagnoses any bladder problems.

The field of urology offers doctors many choices when it comes to areas of patient care. Some urologists focus on clinical patient care for a range of conditions, while others may choose to focus on performing surgeries. It is not uncommon for a general urologist to send a patient to see another urologist who specializes in a particular treatment. A urologist sometimes works closely with other physicians on treatment remedies for patients.

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