What Are Some Upcoming Nursing Trends?


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Upcoming nursing trends include shift in demographics, preventive care, consumer education and more access to health insurance. Factors that affect nursing job outcomes include current events, changes in patient population and advances in technology.

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With an aging U.S. population, nurses are expected to familiarize themselves with issues that affect older adults and diagnoses. They should also learn how to communicate effectively with older adults and their families about healthy aging, preventive health care and care plans. The fastest-growing age group in the United States is adults over the age of 85.

Future health care is expected to focus more on preventive care. Health insurance providers and patients are actively seeking information about preventing future health issues and living a healthy life. This means there is increasing need for collaboration between nurses and health care professionals such as physical therapists and nutritionists.

Patients have good access to information regarding possible treatments, conditions and symptoms through television commercials and the Internet. This means that nurses should play a greater role in explaining this information in terms that patients can understand to ensure that they have the correct information.

Lastly, better access to health insurance through the Affordable Care Act means that nurses can expect to deal with patients who have long-term medical issues and those who could not previously afford professional health care. Increased access to health care also translates to more job opportunities for working nurses and people pursuing careers in nursing.

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