What Are Some Unusual House Plans?


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Unusual and unique house plans are available from HousePlans.com, TheHousePlanShop.com and ArchitecturalHousePlans.com. These plans include houses with shapes of lighthouses and lookout towers, as well as houses that rest above bodies of water on stilts. All three websites also include floor plans with the house entries.

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Unusual and unique house plans on HousePlans.com include the Tower Studio, PLAN #909-7, Chinook and Plan #64-193. The Tower Studio is a tall, thin lighthouse design with a garage on the bottom and living area on top. In addition to viewing plans for free on the website, users can also purchase PDF and single copies of the Tower Studio. PLAN #909-7 is a simple, box-like design that features multiple outdoor deck spaces. The Chinook design has the appearance of a small castle and includes a drive-out garage. Plan #64-193 is a modern design that features multiple exposed diagonal pillars.

Plans on TheHousePlanShop.com include Plan 052H-0088, which is a house on stilts that can stand over the water or on the coast. The plan also includes a vaulted ceiling and a covered front porch. The Emerald Island design from ArchitecturalHousePlans.com has an island setting with nearby water. It has a 2,960-square-foot living area and an additional basement room.

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