How Do You Unseal an Envelope?


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Steam is one way to unseal an envelope: boil water and hold the envelope in the steam. Only use this method on envelopes addressed to you; opening mail that doesn't belong to you is a federal crime.

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  1. Boil water

    Fill a tea kettle or electric boiler half-full of water. Turn it on or place it over a heat source, as appropriate, and wait for the water to boil so steam escapes through the spout.

  2. Hold the envelope in the steam

    Wear a glove to protect your hand. Hold the envelope in the column of steam for about 15 seconds to dissolve the glue, then open the envelope.

  3. Re-seal the envelope

    Run a thin bead of glue along the inside edge of the envelope flap. Press the flap down to reseal the envelope.

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